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June 1, 2019:

Nutritional news

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May 27, 2019: Although I don't often publish at this point, I continue to collect links to interesting nutritional findings or writings. Not all of these are recent, as I beginning typing I don't have a theme in mind.

People continue to argue as to whether calories matter, and Studies continue to show that they do. What a shock, you lose weight faster if you restrict calories more. However, if you have tens or hundreds of pounds to lose, this might be a viable strategy. But you will slow your metabolism. That was the hyped result of The Biggest Loser study.

In a 2015 article, Harriet Brown does not think obesity is a disease— neither do I, but her arguments leave me cold. There is some history reported here I’ve never seen before. As she quotes letters and such, I presume it’s true. She provides no links to sources though, and the piece is from her book.

A comment quotes Katz and his drowning analogy. Drowning isn’t a disease, but it’s something that you can be taught to prevent. I didn’t like the analogy when I first read it (no one has to swim), but it’s better than seeing obesity as a disease.

Read the whole piece.

A bit of the personal

May 26, 2019, a "brief" personal update: So it's Memorial Day weekend in the US, which means the country spends sometime honoring those who've served in the military and our shop is closed an extra day. Not going to lie (though as it's the internet, how would you know?) having an offline business has seriously messed up my work-life balance.

I thought my work-life balance was off when I was trying to write and homeschool my son, but this time makes that time look like a vacation I just didn't manage well. I'm still enjoying it, and that's important, but things haven't developed the way we expected, which is frustrating.

Another frustration (and really the point of this update) is that apparently my issue with dairy isn't lactose intolerance as I thought, but rather is a full on inability to digest dairy, period. Which means that I can no longer enjoy cheeses, even if they are aged. I have resisted admitting this fact or acknowledging the effects that I've been suffering (which is not unusual, given my attitude towards the medical world is, "stay out of the belly of the beast."). Read the whole thing.

Use it or lose it

May 25, 2019: Another pause in publishing, but it is what it is. Today's discourse is all about the importance of moving. Not exercising, but moving. Don't get me wrong, exercise is great. However, moving (as in not sitting all day) is even more important.

Move it or lose it is one of the credos I choose to live by, especially as I move ever closer to the third third of my life. That notion I might already be in that third has obviously occurred to me, but I choose to look on the bright side and believe that I still have more than a third of my time in this plane of existence ahead of me. Read the whole thing.

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