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Updated 3.21.2021: The About page was reformatted, and several errors corrected.

In April of 2017, the archive page of this site was removed and the text that follows was updated to reflect that change. The archive page never really "worked," and the search function provided on almost every page on this site is a more convenient way to find additional coverage of a given topic. Some form of archive may eventually be added back, but only if I can discover a way to present the information is a useful manner.

In March of 2017, the Leftoversture section was temporarily taken down, as noted below.

In January 2016, the legal housekeeping section of this page was added. In 2016, I intend to expand the writing here beyond commentary (okay, ranting) making a disclaimer necessary. In the interest of full disclosure, the potential revenue sources of this site are listed.

A bit of history

Prima Brain Arena (PBA) was born years ago as a partnership intended to sell dance themed t-shirts (and eventually other products). The idea was to create a virtual store front, which I did, but which never really worked very well.

We still have the shirts, and I'm sure I will eventually re-activate the store pages just in case anyone would be interested in taking them off our hands. But in general, the concept for this site morphed into a place where I could aggregate all the various bits of writing I do on a variety of topics.

The topics are intended to cover all of the aspects of my life outside of my "real" job. My daughter dances, so when I began the site I was in the middle of being a dance mom— though not at all like those on the cable TV show of the same name. My son was homeschooled, so when I began the site I was in the middle of being an homeschooling mom. I went through early menopause, so I was in the middle of menopause when the site was born.

Obviously, there are tens of thousands of sites devoted to each of these topics, I am hardly breaking new ground here. And yet, I want to have my own little space where my thoughts can be published and left to filter into the ether.

The plan was to have a family of topics upon which I would pontificate regularly, but organizing things in that manner has proved to be a bit unwieldy, with the result that the front page of the site was moribund for months on end as I tried to figure out where everything should go and how it should be organized. I also didn't want it to be a blog by another name. I wound up creating a blog for the site, mostly to collect source links for potential future articles, and also as a way to quickly comment on other people's writing.

The New plan

As of 2020, most everything will still be published as One Mom in the Middle (as most everything published since 2012 was anyway). However, as I no longer publish anything at onmogul.com (I don't even know if the site still functions), I may publish political issues under a separate heading.

The contact form was removed because it was only ever used by trolls and scammers. If you want to contact the Arena, use admin_at_primabrainarena_dot_com. The site will continue to use Google AdSense ads, and remains an Amazon Affiliate.

It was an interesting and a bit humbling experience to go back through writings years old. For the most part, all I changed was the formatting on the page, though I did take the opportunity to correct numerous spelling errors and a few grammar errors in the process. My views have shifted a bit through the years, but I left the writings as they were because for the most part, I stand by what I stated then.

The history of One Mom in the Middle

Because at some point you have to say what you mean and mean what you say....

This is my speaker's corner of the web. Speaker's corner was an area on campus where people of all stripes could go and hold forth freely on any topic that interested them. Mostly they were crackpots spewing their chosen nonsense, but in the great tradition of this country they had their say unmolested. That is my intention here. I don't have any over-riding theme or reason for this site other than as an outlet for my various essays.

My family is only willing to listen for so long before becoming bored, so this was to be my outlet on topics that interested only me. Thanks for reading. But this is not a blog. I am not a blogger. I have a contact form set up that visitors are welcome to use, but there isn't and won't be a comments section.

Some Legal Housekeeping

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The information presented on this site was current on the date it was updated. Subsequent events may have rendered the information presented on this site outdated and/or erroneous. The information presented here may be updated or deleted as necessary in future, with or without announcement or acknowledgement.

While PBA makes every effort to publish accurate and current information, all users of this site should recognize and understand that nothing presented anywhere on this site constitutes managerial, investment, legal, medical or accounting advice, nor should any materials on this site serve as a corporate or personal policy guide, laboratory manual, an endorsement of any product or a recommendation to buy or sell any product or financial instrument, including but NOT limited to stocks, options, bonds, or futures. Nothing written here should be considered a medical or dietary recommendation or prescription of any kind. Readers must think for themselves and maker their own choices. The consequences of those choices are solely the responsibility of those making the choices.

PBA assumes no responsibility for any losses or damages that might result because of reliance on this material. Any use of this materials and any purchases or sales of securities are at the discretion of the reader. Any use of this materials and any purchases of any type of product are at the discretion of the reader. Any use of this materials and adoption of any course of action are at the discretion of the reader.

Site Revenue Sources

PBA is an online publication that is primarily supported by Google AdSense ads. Some pages include PayPal donation buttons. Of course, any and all donations are greatly appreciated. PBA is also an Amazon affiliate and occasionally includes product links to Amazon, which result in a commission for PBA from any sale.

If in future a better means of monetizing site content becomes available, PBA may, without notice but with an explanation, change this policy. If you use ad blocker software and enjoy the content here, please consider whitelisting this site.

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