Bariatric surgery should be the last resort

Published 9.7.2017
It is a mistake to tout bariatric surgery. Teens should not get bariatric surgery, and the procedure should be a very last resort. There are better ways to get long term weight loss. The long term effects of bariatric surgery on adults is not known. Doing it on humans still developing is simply experimenting with their health.

And a 10% drop in BMI is simply not enough of a change to warrant such a drastic intervention. I cannot in any way support this. I don’t support it for adults, but at least they are fully developed (at least physically) and responsible for their own actions. Most obese people of any age can lose 10% of their weight, and in fact, evidence shows that is often enough to result in improved health.

Adulthood begins at 18 in the US, that is still too young In my opinion. Humans continue to develop and mature until about 25. At that point, though I would still oppose it, the person is old enough in my view to make this wrong choice. Perhaps that’s paternalistic (maternalistic?) of me, but that’s my opinion. I have known people who have had this done to themselves, one of whom died soon after the procedure, leaving a young child. All of them had to make significant alterations to their lives and were dependent on drugs (aka supplements) to be healthy the rest of their lives. In other words, there was no healthy diet for them after mutilating their digestive system.

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