Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

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January 8, 2019 It's been awhile since I wrote anything about type 2 diabetes (T2D). Type 1 diabetes (T1D), for those who don't know, is an auto-immune disease where the pancreas loses the ability to make insulin. There is no cure or reversing T1D. T2D, on the other hand, is a lifestyle disease strongly associated with obesity.

That doesn't mean that every obese person has T2D, but being obese increases the risk of becoming a type 2 diabetic. T2D is preceded by insulin resistance, where the bodies cells fail to respond to insulin signaling and so the pancreas cranks out more and more insulin. T2D can become T1D is the overexertion of the pancreas results in the death of the cells that make insulin. However, my observation is that most T2Ds wind up on insulin because their pancreas, which is still functioning, simply cannot keep up.

Can T2D be reversed? My view is yes, based on Dr Roy Taylor's work at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. I've written repeatedly here about Taylor and his work because I truly believe that it is revolutionary. Taylor developed a treatment pan that involves eating a very low calorie diet for 8 weeks, then subjects are slowly transitioned back to a normal diet and instructed on a better way of eating. Will they stick to it? If they don't a relapse is likely.

However, the program has shown some impressive success statistics. Even if they put back on some of the weight, people don't get T2D again. Low carb shills like to diss Taylor's work, saying the liquid diet is not a sustainable way to eat. Well, no, it's not. It's a short term treatment, a bit like chemotherapy. Nobody stays on chemo for life. You take the treatments, kill the cancer and go back to living normally.
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This article talks about Taylor's work, but the focus is on doctors that use a low carb diet to "reverse" T2D. However, a low carb diet does not, in any way, reverse T2D. how can I say that so definitively? Because (and the doctor in focus here admits as much) people controlling their type two diabetes cannot eat normally, nor can they pass an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) without special prep before it.

Low carb eating doesn't fix insulin resistance, it masks it by removing glucose from the food supply. Eat some glucose (a boiled potato) as a low carb T2D and watch your blood glucose levels skyrocket. Why? Because you haven't fixed the insulin resistance. One analogy I've heard likens Insulin resistance to a clogged sink. Adopting a low carb diet to fix T2D is like fixing the clogged sink by not using it. Taylor's method removes the clog in the sink and allows you to run water again.

I'd rather have a working sink than never run water again. Here is where the "plant based" (read that as vegan) shills have a true advantage of the low carb shills. While not many can stick to a vegan diet, at least is you eat one until you lose the weight and improve your insulin resistance you can start to eat as you used to do. So long as you don't pack back on the pound, your "sink" will remain unclogged.

It's not necessary to go vegan or "plant based" to reverse T2D— Taylor's work proves that. But at least if you choose to don that hair shirt you can reverse the disease and pass a surprise OGTT. Don the low carb hair shirt and you don't even wind up with that. You will lose weight (so long as your intake doesn't exceed your expenditure) and you may feel better. Until you get bored not eating carbs and then the wheels will come off again.

As for me, I wouldn't put on either hair shirt. I'd drink the damn shakes for two months and go on with life.

I recognize that I didn't provide a lot of links for documentation in this piece, but frankly, I don't have the time to look them all up and format them all. The choice is between publishing or documenting, and I choose to publish. If you search this site (use Google as I no longer have a search bar on every page) you will find plenty of information about Roy Taylor and his work, as well as information of the whole food plant based diet (aka vegan) method of reversing T2D.

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