Autumn airing of grievances

Published 9.17.2019: I listen to a locally produced show about state politics, and at the end of each show they have each guest share either a feat of strength or a grievance— an ode to the Seinfeld created holiday of Festivus, of course. I have used this site to air my grievances in the past, but I like the idea of doing it more regularly rather than waiting until the end of the year. And this way I can vent my spleen into the ether rather and causing arguments at the pub or on Facebook. Without further ado:

No Memes!

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I hate memes. I have friends on Facebook who nothing other than post or comment on memes. Memes (pictures with some pithy saying on them) are more often than not false, or at a minimum misleading. All sides of the political discourse make and use memes, of course, but it is my plight to have a friend who's a huge Trump fan and seems to share the same dumb, erroneous memes all the time. They are not created to persuade, they're created to mock— "generate liberal tears," I guess is the correct phrase.

And to be clear, memes generated on the left are also meant to mock, it's just that in my timeline I see more right wing stuff than left wing. Either because my left wing friends don't like memes, but more likely because they don't have a source for these memes. These memes are not being created by my friends, rather they are just mindlessly sharing and propagating them.

If you have something to say, then use your own words! Worst of all, a particular friend doesn't seem to even read the memes he posts, and has contradicted himself a number of times, or posted clearly erroneous ones. He might take it down when the error is pointed out to him, however, he will post it again a few weeks later because he doesn't recognize (or seems no to) it's the same meme.

The heel end?

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If this article is true, and heels really are going out of style for good, it's a wonderful change. Heels, are the devil as far as I'm concerned. I have worn them in the past, and still own a few pairs even today, but I've never liked them and wear them as seldom as possible.

I never truly learned to walk in heels and be comfortable, and I know that it can be done because my daughter does it. She is a professional dancer and is used to being up on her toes. I tend to land with my heels first when I walk, which is antithetical to walking in heels. I also don't like being unstable on the ground.

In fact, my daughter apparently taught herself to run in heels so that she would be able to get away if she was being chased. Back when I was her age, women would change shoes before heading out to walk to their car. She enjoys wearing heels and I do not. Neither is the correct answer, and neither is wrong. Just as I don't wear make up but she does. To each her own.

That being said, if fewer people totter around on heels the better the world will be. So many women damage their feet shoving them into shoes that are too tight and too high. All for some illusion of glamour or "power."

Can we talk about that last word, though? Power? Really? Tottering around on heels that make it impossible to run or stride properly somehow imparts "power" the wearer? I get how the extra height could be perceived as powerful, but the effect is negated if you can't freaking move in the shoes. My height (even before I began to shrink) is under 5 feet. I've never had a problem exuding power if I wanted to. In fact, most people assume that I'm taller than I am, until they see me in pictures. Heels don't make you powerful— your attitude and competence does.

Short, but powerful

This is shorter than I originally intended it to be, but it's also being published about two months later than expected. My offline business continues to grow, though not as rapidly as we'd hoped, and it's hard to put aside time to write, even if all I'm doing is ranting. But as I noted above, short can be powerful.

I still intend to get back to writing with some regularity. I have a ton of notes that I never turned into posts, and most recently I lost use of my favorite outlining program. Well, when I say I lost use of it, my Mac upgraded the version I had into obsolescence, and I declined to pay up for the next version. Fortunately I was able to convert all my outline into rich text (,rtf) files.

The text files aren't as convenient as the outline program, but during the conversion, I realized just how much material I've collected but never used. That should make it relatively easy to generate pieces, one would think. One would be wrong, however, if my output here is the metric.

Another impediment to my writing more is that I've begun to read more in my free time. I've meant to do that for years, so I don't see this as a negative, but I can't write at the same time that I read. I suppose I could review what I read as I used to do here. Time will tell. Thanks for reading (if you've made it this far!).

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