The future will not be oulined…

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Published 10.13.2019: At the end of my fall grievances, I noted that as the result of Apple's updates to my computer, I can no longer use OmniOutliner to keep track of my notes. Well, I could if I was willing to fork over the money for the latest version, but I'm not sure that I want to do so. Although recent events might make me change my mind.

I can no longer use Microsoft Office either, though that's less of an issue since I stopped writing analysis for a third party. Most of my writing for the past five years has been in the form of notes or online posts. Mostly notes, because my online posting frequency has been… poor. For the past two years, I've had the good excuse that I started an offline business making gluten free breads and other products, but I would like to get back into the writing habit.

I've said that before of course, anyone who's read much of anything here knows that I periodically promise to write more, and this site has been reformatted any number of times. The last reformatting messed up some of the older pieces, but I simply don't have the time to go and fix them all.

If it's not obvious by now, this is a self-indulgent post. I have things to think through, and writing them out helps in that process. Ironically, this is the sort of content that would have been put into Outliner, sort of as a first draft, and then published (or not). Time will tell if by writing it here in the website software will mean that more will get published. Can't hardly publish less, given my history.

The time will come though, when the offline business will be no more, either because we sell it or we close it. And at that point, I would like to have my writing to fall back on. And the only way that happens is if I write. Much of my writing here has focused on health and nutrition, and I have tons more notes on topics that I never wrote up. And here is where the loss of outliner shows up again: because I've realized that the text files I turned all the outliner files into are more or less useless.

Not because the information isn't there, it is. But because it's so difficult to search. So why not just cough up the money for the program? I've considered it, and still might. But I'm also contemplating that perhaps because I had such an attractive note collecting program I spent more time collecting notes and less time writing finished pieces.

I did use the outline as a first draft, and would alter my notes as needed when I finally did write an actual piece. But items that would fit together in a single piece sometimes got separated into different outline threads, which were then hard to locate when the time came. That aspect is now even worse that everything is a text file.
As long as I'm ruminating here, I'm also wondering about Google ads. There are supposed to be ads "automatically" placed now on the site according to some algorithm. Not going to lie, I liked the idea because I hated messing with the ad code. I never tarted up my pages the way some writers do because I don't like being assaulted by numerous ads. I don't mind there being ads though, because I know there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you're not going to charge a subscription, (and sometimes even if you do) you have to have ads to generate revenue.

Not that ads generate much revenue— especially if you don't write often enough for people to come to the site with any frequency. Anyway, based on my observations, there are only ads on the front page of the site, not on the articles themselves. And since most people don't come through the front page, I don't see how this helps me in anyway. With that bit of an aside, this isn't about ads and revenue, it's about how I can begin to write more and the future of this site.

Losing years worth of research isn't going to help generate content, but I'm not convinced paying the large sum for the next iteration of a note taking program will help either. I don't need to accumulate notes, I need to write. And not like this, where I've spilled a ton of words to no effect. This is precisely the type of writing that I would spend time on in the outliner and then not publish. However, I am going to publish it, if only because I need to get in the habit of doing so. The next piece will not be so self-indulgent… maybe.

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