Football should die

Published 2.2.2020: On this, the day of the Super Bowl (I forget which number and I'm not interested enough to google it), I found this link at The Atlantic, presents the long, long history of concern over the damage football does to the bodes and brains young men. And would do to young women if they played as well. Concern over the long term effects of concussion is not recent.

It's been a few years since I stopped watching football, and I can honestly say I don't miss it. I will also admit that my non-viewing did not result in my regaining hours in my weekend to do other things, except watch different things on a screen. My husband, who claimed he would give it up with me, has not stopped watching it— especially if the Patriots are playing.

That's fine, my decision was my own. I don't share that decision with friends often though because people assume that I'm judging them if they still watch. I guess on some level I am, but the sport is legal, and particularly adult males have the right to decide to risk their health.

The Atlantic article, beyond presenting the history of medical concerns, argues that it's morally wrong to allow developing boys to play the game. There are parts of this country where that statement would be dismissed out of hand. "Friday night lights," and all that is a way of life people would resist ending.

And of course, Trump is making it worse. He thinks trying to remove the worst type of hits is "ruining the game." As do many of his voters, I'm sure.

I did not realize the long history of football and the concerns about concussions. I stopped watching after the latest uproar (they've happened periodically through the sports' history) and was clueless that from the get go doctors knew and warned about the damage being done to young men. My son was never really into any sports, so I never faced the decisions.

I've always said that I would support my children in all their choices, but I would not support a choice to play football. I didn't support it when my nephew played either. Fortunately, his mother recognized the damage after the third or fourth concussion and he no longer plays. Also fortunately, he doesn't seem to have any long term damaging effects.

Read The Atlantic piece. Football should die, and the NFL should die with it. I know it's not likely to happen in my lifetime, the money involved is too great.
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