Airing of Grievances

This is a piece that would be better suited for publishing on Festivus (December 23) but I was busy on that day at my real job. However, I have issues with you people and you're going to hear about it. The feats of strength were optional this year as half the family was out of town on the day.

I've caused arguments of Facebook, but I'm going to say it again: If you can't carry it, you SHOULD CHECK IT. Wheelie suitcases should BANNED as carry on from airline flights. If your bag is too heavy for you to carry it, then check the damn thing.

And no, I don't care if you have shoulder or other health issues. If you do, then that's even more reason to check the damn bags. Yes, I know that most airlines are charging for check bags. There is another option… PACK LESS SHIT STUFF. I'm swimming against the tide here, I realize. Airlines are buying planes with miniature bathrooms (and I'm a short, small woman) with ginormous overhead bins to accommodate your over large and too heavy wheeled carryon suitcase.

For the record, I spent a 10 days in Hawaii with only a non-wheeled carryon and two weeks traveling in the UK with only what would fit in the same carryon. It. Can. Be. Done.

Having invoked Facebook, I want to put it in writing that every quiz, questionnaire, or survey available to answer on Facebook is a data mining SCAM. The quiz craze with all those stupid quizzes that promised to demonstrate how smart the taker is— when all they really do is demonstrate how naive (at best) the person is. Facebook collects and sells personal information. That's its business model. There is no such thing as privacy on Facebook.

People who are baring their souls (or politics) in "closed" Facebook groups are fooling themselves that what they are saying won't see larger distribution. Anything that's on Facebooks servers belongs to Facebook, and is subject to treatment by Facebook to the benefit of Facebook. Yes, the company makes noises about respecting privacy, it's all bullsnot. Numerous stories over the past few years should make these points self-evident, but apparently for too many it has not. Worse, I am affected by these scams because the data collected includes information of those on the dupe's friend list.

I cannot simply leave Facebook because it represents a significant slice of the marketing we do for our offline business. I seldom opine on facebook about politics, and I do so even less since starting the business. I don't care what your politics are if you are buying my products.

I also can't keep haranguing people about their choices to do these surveys or quizzes because it's repetitive. "But it's fun," is a typical response, as is "they already have all my information." Well, they don't have mine, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't continually offer it up to them.

Also tangentially related to Facebook, I'm going to rant about memes. Memes are those "clever" pictures with pithy observations that so many like to share on social media. Memes are generally stupid. Even the ones that aren't outright false overstate and mislead in some way for affect. And yet, some people feel compelled to forward them endlessly. Even after learning that many of them are created in foreign troll/spy factories.

Memes are stupid. Stop forwarding them. If you have an opinion state it. Use your own words and statements to express it. Otherwise, I'm going to ignore both the meme and you.

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